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17 November 2017

Local Students Show Off Their Inventions

students showing off plumbing inventions

Student Community

We recently had the pleasure of hosting some local South Bay community students in our office to help them with a school project about water preservation. They were tasked with inventing something new and then showing it to a small business in the area.

The young inventors were selected through a school program, and it was either their second or third year competing in this type of event. After doing preliminary research for the project, they found that there is a lot of water being lost through toilets. The students then concluded that this would be a great opportunity to invent something new for water conservation.

Because one of their requirements was to formally present the project, the students came into our Hermosa Beach office and showed us what they came up with. It was so fun to see their enthusiasm, and we were very impressed with what they came up with, and we were honored that they chose us to show off all of their hard work.

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