15 October 2017

Fall Plumbing Tips From Your Local Plumber

Garden-hose-laying-on-grassEssentials For Fall Plumbing

It’s one thing to take advice from the internet. The plumbing items you find online can be from anywhere. And while many of them could be valid, not all of them are for your specific location or the season in which you are in right now. Pacific Coast Plumbing Company is filled with plumbers who want to take care of your plumbing all year long. While we come out and take care of any needs you have, we like to see customer’s handle major problems on their own as well. Here are some fall plumbing tips from your local plumber to help you maintain a healthy plumbing system.

Disconnect Water Hoses

While California isn’t a place that freezes over all that often, the temperatures at night can still get rather chilly. Instead of leaving it to chance, it is best to disconnect your outside water hoses when they are not in use. If you leave them connected and the temperature drops too far, the pipes inside your home can freeze over and break. That’s one huge mess you can easily avoid by keeping the hoses off the spouts when they’re not in use.

Look For Leaks

Winter is the worst time to have a pipe problem so in the fall, look around for leaks. You want to make sure that the outside faucets aren’t dripping or leaking and look at all the interior faucets as well. Also watch for water noises, water stains, and other things that indicate possible leaks. Even small cracks inside or out can cause water damage or flooding.

Insulate Pipes

If you have any areas in your home that are unheated, like the garage or crawl space beneath the house, you may want to consider insulating your pipes before winter hits. Granted, California has mild temperatures, but this is another situation that can hit really hard when it hits. Insulating the pipes can keep them at the right temperature all year long.

Flush Water Heater

The water heater works hard all year long, but in the winter, you may use even more hot water to warm up in the shower. During the fall, flush out the hot water heater to remove sediment buildup, which can cause corrosion and a shorter life for the heater. Drain several gallons from the faucet at the bottom of the tank and check the manufacturer’s information for specific instructions. Better yet, call your plumber and have them run the flush for you in order to ensure that it is done right.

Get More Fall Tips

If you want your plumbing to operate well all winter long (and who doesn’t!) make sure you contact your local plumber for further information on items you need to do before the winter months. It makes sense to have a pipe and plumbing inspection on a regular basis and fall is a great time of year to do just that. Call Pacific Coast Plumbing Company and let’s set up an appointment soon!

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