Garbage Disposal Repair

Pouring water in the kitchenFast & Efficient Garbage Disposal Repair

We understand that washing the dishes can be a pain. The smells, grease, and stains seem to never fade. When you are finally done and ready to drain your sink, you look for the flip of a convenient switch to send down the excess grime. When you flip on your garbage disposal and hear the sound of silence, frustration finally takes over. At Pacific Coast Plumbing we can take away your frustrations with our fast and efficient garbage disposal repair services. Take a look at the common garbage disposal problems we repair below.

Why Won’t My Garbage Disposal Turn On?

Your garbage disposal faces many instances of build up, excess food, and grime. Over time, this buildup can cause many problems. If your garbage disposal will not turn on, here are some potential causes:

  • An object may be stuck in your unit, causing the power to trip
  • The power in your kitchen may be off, check your circuit breaker
  • The unit may not be properly installed, check the socket where it is plugged in

Why is My Unit Jammed?

There can be many reasons why your unit frequently jams. Some objects that will cause this to happen to your unit are:

  • Corn husks
  • Avocado leaves
  • Meat bones
  • Utensils, and more

Why is My Disposal Leaking?

Over time, the connections to and from your unit can begin to wear. If you are experiencing a leak, here are a few of the first places we will check:

  • Rubber gaskets in drain pipe
  • Ring near the sink flange
  • All seals between the sink and the unit

Why Is My Unit Making Odd Noises?

If your unit is making more noise or odd noises, this typically means that something is jammed inside. Some of the common items that get stuck in units are:

  • Glass
  • Bone
  • Metal

There are also some components of the unit that can become loose or broken. These parts are:

  • Loose mounting screws
  • Worn bearings
  • Broken flyweights
  • Worn out blades

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, we are here to help. Our expert plumbers and technicians have the experience you need to get your garbage disposal working like new again. If you are experiencing leaks, excess noise, or jams in your unit, do not hesitate to give us a call today. We will dispatch a technician to your location at no cost to you to get you the relief you need.