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15 June 2019

Hydro jetting: What it Is, and When You Need It

sink-with-water-running-down-drainWhat You Need To Know About Hydro Jetting?

Have you ever had a blocked sewer line or a clogged drain? Hydro jetting is the process of using jets with high pressure to flush water through the plumbing pipes and remove debris, clogs, grease, scaly build up and anything else that might be in the way. It’s a great way to clean out the pipes in a comprehensive manner and take care of a clogging issue once and for all. If you have drains that are slow, or completely clogged, you may have tried a few other avenues first. Instead of enduring the frustrations over and over again, consider hydro jetting.

When Do Homeowners Need Hydro Jetting?

If your sewer lines or plumbing systems are blocked and clogged, you might start to see dirty water back up into your house. Even worse, you could contaminate your water source. Hydro jetting is a possible solution to the problem before it gets even worse. You might be able to get those clogs to break free and run the rest of the pipe if you are able to apply water pressure to the problem in the right place. You don’t have enough water pressure in your faucets or by flushing, but hydro jetting does. Think of it like power washing the inside of your pipes, in a way.

The Hydro Jetting Process

If you have a clog and call a plumber, they will come take a look at the issue. If they suggest hydro jetting as the best solution, here’s what they will do if you approve. First, they will insert a hose into the pipe and connect it to a tank of water. The tube on that hose is highly durable and can withstand high pressure water as it is pumped into the pipes. The machine attached to the water and device will add pressure from the tank. They will then add water pressure to the water and flush debris from your pipes to get rid of any clogs. They may start slow and add more pressure, if needed. This might sound harsh, but it’s a gentle, natural way to get clogs to move on through the system and get out of your way.

Are You Ready For Professional Help?

If you have a drain in your kitchen sink that is constantly slow, or has completely clogged and is starting to smell, you’re more than ready for professionals to help you with the issue. If you’re standing in a pool of water every time you shower because that drain won’t work properly or, even worse than that, if your toilet isn’t draining properly and it’s only a matter of time before it backs up and overflows, you really need to get on the issue.

Call For Hydro Jetting

If you think hydro jetting could be a solution to your drain issues, call Pacific Coast Plumbing Company to ask a plumber to take a look. You can get details on hydro jetting specifically, or just have someone come out to inspect your drain problems and make a diagnosis and treatment suggestion. You need drains that work and hydro jetting could help you restore your home’s plumbing.

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