18 January 2019

When Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair?

sink-with-water-running-down-drainWhen Garbage Disposal Repair Needs Arise

It would be nice if all of the appliances in your house worked forever and acted as if they were new—even if they are very, very old. But that’s just not the way things work. And the items you need the most tend to break down at the most inconvenient time. Garbage disposals, for example, are kitchen conveniences that many homeowners use on a daily basis. But over time, that usage will take its toll on the appliance. Do you need garbage disposal repair? Here are a few instances in which the answer to that question is, ‘yes.’

The Garbage Disposal Is On But Silent

When you flip the switch to use your garbage disposal and you don’t hear any noise, you have a problem. You’ve likely been using it for years so you know what it sounds like when it is on. If you don’t hear anything, it might be plugged up and something could be stopping it from working. You could also have a burned-out motor or a tripped breaker. Whatever you do, never stick your hand down the sink to try and free any blockages from the garbage disposal. Call a professional instead and stay on the safe side.

The Garbage Disposal Is Leaking

Water can leak from a disposal because of a broken seal, and that’s easy enough to fix. But there could be other, more serious problems as well. The leak can come from the ring around the drain hole in the sink, which may need to be reapplied with putty. The disposal itself could also have a hole in the wall as it wears or because of an object that shouldn’t have gone down the drain. If your unit is older, holes and cracks are to be expected.

The Garbage Disposal Is Draining Slowly

If you have given the disposal time to clear the items you have put down the sink, and it still runs slowly, you probably have a backed-up drain line. You won’t want to use chemical cleaners as they can damage the unit and cause your sink to fill with toxic items. Instead, the line will have to be cleaned out manually, which is best left up to the plumbers.

The Garbage Disposal Stinks

It makes sense that the disposal might have smells from time to time, based on what you put down there, but those things should wash away easily enough. If the garbage disposal stinks, there could be a drainage issue and a jam somewhere within it. You are smelling the rotting food you have placed in the disposal that can’t be washed away, for whatever reason. Perhaps the blades are too dull, and the food gets trapped in the chambers. Whatever the reason, a plumber can figure it out for you.

Getting Garbage Disposal Repair

When you’re sure your garbage disposal isn’t operating properly and you want it back in working order, contact the experts at Pacific Coast Plumbing Company to get things back in working order.

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