Plumber fixing water heater
15 June 2017

When Do You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair?

Plumber fixing water heaterSigns Of Water Heater Repair Needs

Tankless water heaters are a wonderful, energy-efficient choice for many different homeowners. They can handle periods when homeowners are away better since they don’t store water in them. They don’t waste water or lose heat, either. Having a tankless water heater can save you a good amount of money and energy every month. Just like any appliance, though, tankless water heaters can have problems at times. When they do, you need a professional plumber to help you resolve the issue. However, it is always helpful if you can spot the signs in order to identify that you need tankless water heater repair in the first place.

Hot Water Shortage

One of the most obvious red flags that your tankless water heater isn’t working is the lack of hot water. You might have completely cold water or simply lukewarm water that never gets hot enough. If that is the case, there is a problem with the overall heating array or with the fuel source. There might be something clogged or there may be a loose wire. Whatever the issue ends up being, you should call a professional for tankless water heater repair help.


Tankless water heaters are compact so when they leak, it can be a rather large deal. A water leak can reach other components that lie within the water heater and they can get damaged fast. This problem is easy enough for a professional to repair. If you see puddles around the base of the system, or you see a drop in the water pressure within your house, call for tankless water heater repair before the situation gets worse.


You live in your house every day and you know the sounds it normally makes. So when an appliance makes a sound that you are not used to hearing, it’s never a good sign. You might hear groaning, hissing, gurgling, or even bubbling come from your tankless water heater. Any of the sounds that can’t be associated with its regular functions mean something might be wrong within the unit. Call for service right away after you shut the water heater down.

Being Proactive About Repairs

While no one ever wants to have to call a professional for repairs, it is much wiser to do it sooner rather than later if you notice any of the above signs. Waiting around can cause damage within your tankless water heat, which could lead to more costly repairs. The quicker you call, the sooner the professional can diagnose and repair the (hopefully) small, minor issue. You can move on with your everyday life, using hot water as needed, knowing that the tankless water heater repair was successful and it is not a safe appliance once again. You never want to drive repair prices up any higher than you have to and you also never want to endanger your safety, your family’s well being, or the safety of your home in general. Proactive tankless water heater repair is always in your best interest.


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