15 November 2018

Prepare For Winter With Plumbing Services

water-tap-frozen-due-to-temperaturePlumbing Services Get You Ready For Cold Weather

If you’ve been putting off winter preparations, the time is near and it’s important to get ready for the colder weather ahead. While this area of the country doesn’t get nearly as frigid as others, there’s still a chance and you’ll  want your plumbing to come out the other side of the season in good condition. Here are a few plumbing services to consider before the really cold weather hits.

Fixing Any Leaks

If you have a small leak or even a slow drip, it might not seem like a big deal, but it can become a larger issue during cold weather. Leaks are indications that something is wrong and if you don’t fix them, they can cause emergency plumbing services to become necessary over the winter months. If you see indications of a leak, call a plumber to find and fix it.

Protect Faucets Outside

If you aren’t going to be using water outside during the winter months, remove the garden hoses from the outdoor faucets. If the temperatures get low enough and the water in those hoses freezes, it can burst the pipes in your outdoor faucet which could affect the pipes in your home.

Purge The Sprinklers

If you use hoses and individual sprinklers on your lawn, disconnecting them will do the trick. If you have an underground lawn system, you’ll want to prepare the pipes for winter to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Purge the water from the system when you are done using it for the year so there isn’t water running through the pipes that can freeze.

Insulate Pipes

If you have pipes outside that are exposed, they can freeze during the winter months. You will want to wrap them in insulated coverings and secure them with duct tape to keep them warm enough when the temperatures drop.

Flush Hot Water Heater

You definitely don’t want your hot water heater to fail you during the winter months so flushing it out before winter gets really cold is a good idea. Flushing the hot water heater will remove the mineral deposits and other buildup inside it to ensure it will operate effectively and efficiently. You can get professional plumbing services to do the task and anything else you need addressed before winter.

Get An Inspection

If you are calling a plumber for hot water heater flushing or other items, it’s a good idea to have them look over your entire plumbing system while you are there. They can fix any small things and prepare your home for winter to get your plumbing in the best possible shape for the colder months.

Find Plumbing Services

Whether you need a leak fixed, a water heater flushed, or a burst pipe repaired, the professionals at Pacific Coast Plumbing are here to help. We offer free consultations to help you get an idea on what needs to get done. We’ll estimate your service needs, but we won’t start on a project until we have your permission.

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