15 May 2018

Professional Plumbing Services At Their Best

plunger-used-on-blocked-sinkDo You Need Plumbing Services?

Everyone knows how to use a plunger and nearly every bathroom has one handy just in case. Many homeowners know where to buy drain cleaning chemicals to get drains running again, but those are not usually the best idea. So how and when do you know that you actually need plumbing services done? And what are the advantages of hiring a professional over trying to figure it out on your own? Here are a few items to consider as your finger hovers over the phone. Should you make the call or not?

Water Heater Issues Are Best Left To Pros

Having to take a cold shower is inconvenient at best and when it comes time to sanitize the dishes or do laundry, it can take an even larger toll. Before you head down to the basement to check out the water heater yourself, understand that water heaters are finicky devices that can also be very dangerous. Since they include both water and electricity, which you know is a dangerous combo, any problem they have should really be left up to plumbing services. Call a professional and don’t take any chances.

Drain Cleaning Can Be Done Right

Sure, it sounds easy enough to unclog a drain. But how well is it really cleaned out with the wire coat hanger you bent and stuck down there? You may solve the issue—for now—or you may just make things worse. It’s not a good idea to use drain cleaning chemicals as those items can make things worse. And you can only get so far with a plunger on any drain. If you want your drains cleaned right so they’re working like they are brand new, plumbing services are in your future.

Garbage Disposals On The Fritz

The garbage disposal is an electrical device that spins it’s blades around and chops things up. Even if you don’t have it on, do you really want to stick your hand down there and see what’s going on? It’s really not a good idea and highly on the “not recommended” side. If the garbage disposal isn’t working right or won’t turn on at all, call for plumbing services to get your kitchen necessities back on track.

Small Leaks Turn Into Big Problems

You might be able to tighten a pipe up when you notice a small leak, but did you do it right? You’ll never know until your basement floods in the future. You don’t want plumbing regrets and that’s why it’s always best to call for plumbing services if you have any doubt at all.

Plumbing Services From Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Plumbing Company is here to help you get the plumbing services you need. We’re friendly folks and we don’t like steering customers wrong. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need us, give us a call! We’ll give you an honest opinion or come out and take a look at the situation with no obligation involved. Your home needs working plumbing and we’re here to ensure that happens!

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