23 May 2022

Quick Same Day Plumbing Service

Today’s homeowners are looking for ways to maximize usable space on their property. This includes installing custom features such as outdoor kitchens and room additions. Some savvy property owners look to their garages for extra space to live and work. However, those types of garages require plumbing and often plumbing repairs. If you’ve installed plumbing in a custom room renovation and are worried that a plumbing accident will ruin your new space, you’ll want to get to know the emergency plumbing services that Pacific Coast Plumbing offers for these five common emergency plumbing issues.

#1 Water Heater Problems

Many homes are designed to have water heaters in garages. It’s a great space-saving concept, and it makes piping hot water into a garage conversion easier. However, improperly installed plumbing in a do-it-yourself (DIY) garage conversion can result in water heater woes. If you experience a leaking or exploded water heater in your garage space, our same day plumbing services can help. We send out technicians at your convenience, and they arrive promptly on site with everything that’s needed to fix your plumbing emergency.

#2 Clogged Drains

You installed a utility sink in your garage to make automotive and woodworking projects more convenient and fun. It seemed like a great idea to keep your home clear of grime and paint, and it was wife approved. Cleaning greasy tools, paint brushes, and other dirty objects in the utility sink can lead to clogs, however. If your drains are clogged, and you need to clear them quickly, you can count on the experts at Pacific Coast Plumbing. Our service is second to none. We quickly tackle clogged drains while keeping work areas clutter-free and tidy.

#3 Burst Pipes

A clogged drain isn’t the only issue that commonly plagues garage plumbing. When a homeowner runs water into the garage for a utility sink, the pipes can burst as a result of a clog or improper connections. If this happens to you, shut off your water supply immediately and give Pacific Coast Plumbing a call. We can repair or replace pipes in your garage, and our licensed and insured plumbers provide emergency services that are backed by warranties.

#4 Sewage Backup

Adding a bathroom to a garage conversion is a common garage plumbing project. It gives guests more privacy, and it frees up bathrooms in the main part of your home. Everything is great until there’s a sewage backup and the toilet starts to overflow. These emergencies are no fun to deal with, but they don’t need to completely ruin your week. Pacific Coast Plumbing is on the job to take your emergency plumbing requests during and after hours. We immediately dispatch a technician upon receiving an emergency request during office hours. After office hours, we take the call and send out a technician the very next morning.

#5 Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes are a common problem to all plumbing systems. Most people anticipate plumbing leaks to take place in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where water can be easily mopped up. When water is piped into a converted garage studio apartment for its bathroom, an unaddressed leak can spell disaster to furniture and flooring depending on the location of the leak. Pacific Coast Plumbing’s technicians can find the source of the leak and make the repair without delay.


Converting a garage into a fantastic living space can increase your quality of life and add to your bottom line as a short-term rental. However, many such DIY conversions run into plumbing problems due to poor pipe connections and improper fittings. When you need to salvage your new space, same day plumbers can save you time and money. The Los Angeles County plumbers at Pacific Coast Plumbing specialize in emergency plumbing work that can get your life back on track fast. Contact us to schedule same day plumbing services. We have three convenient locations in the South Bay Area and Santa Monica.

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