27 April 2021

Some things to look out for…do you have a water leak?

Every home owner worries about water.  Water is funny isn’t it? We need it almost more than food and sun…but everything we try to do with it can be bad or dangerous if there is just too much of it.

Do you smell something funny?

So 1 sign that you have a water leak is a strange smell emitting from under your sink or other areas around the house. If water is pooling and creating moisture without ventilation it is likely that mildew and mold is growing which may cause a smell to occur.

First you smell it, then see it

If you don’t smell it you may see it.  Any time you notice a discoloration somewhere it may be mold and mildew.  If it’s somewhere unexpected it is likely that you have a leak from somewhere nearby.

Is your water bill more expensive?

If you don’t smell it or see the water leak you may feel it where it hurts the most…. in your wallet.  A sever water leak will certainly show up as an anomolly on your monthly water bill.  We hope that you figured it out before then because it is also likely that there is some mold or other damage at this point…but this is, we suppose, one way to get tipped off that you need to start the investigation.

Does your room ceiling and walls have a new finish?

We know that flat walls and ceilings are so boring but you don’t want to see water bubbles and sponges in your home’s walls or ceilings.  If you see any of these things then you definitely for very certain have a water leak. This should never occur….and if you are seeing something like this then you are likely pretty far into your journey of water leak land.

It would be time to call a plumber to stem the damage further and recommend mitigation steps….

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