30 March 2021

The most common plumbing issues and how to prevent them

Having a home working at its best should be an easy task, but there are some common plumbing issues that we have all faced at least once and they happen usually due to some common mistakes that we make, so we are here to show you how to prevent them and avoid spending thousands on repairs.

Most common plumbing issue is: A Clogged Toilet


Prevention: In order to prevent blocking the pipes, we recommend you to avoid using thick or too much toilet paper is one of the most common causes of this issue, also using the toilet as a “garbage disposal” where we throw all kind of things including wipes, which are very hard to dissolve. Of course, having your toilets installed by a professional can make a huge difference.

How to fix a Clogged Toilet: we strongly recommend you not to use strong chemicals or substances to unclog your toilet because that can eventually aggravate the problem by damaging your pipes. Instead, try using boiling water followed by a single flush. But if you want to permanently fix this issue, the best thing you can do is hiring a Hydro Jetting service, which is basically the process of using high-pressure power washing to clean out the interior of your home’s sewer line. The high pressure system blasts through dirt, grime, and build up quickly. This deep cleaning method is one of the newest, and most effective, procedures in sewer line repairs.


Most common plumbing issue #2: Hot water


Prevention: We usually install the water heater and never look back at it, so we recommend you to give maintenance at least once a year, they will probably replace the valve and drain the tank, which will increase the useful life and will prevent it from failing.

How to fix a hot water issue: Unless you are a professional, the one thing you can do if your water heater is broken is to check for any water or gas leak, how to fix a water heater will depend on the type of unit you own, whether if it´s a tankless unit or not. A broken water heater can lead you to waste precious resources so we strongly recommend you to hire a professional for repair, replace, inspect, flush, etc.


The third most common plumbing issue is: Leaks


Prevention: A quick look to your pipes every other day, could save you to notice a visible leak just on time, check for any drip or humidity inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, look at the pipes outside your home, back to the water heater, fridge, etc.

How to fix a leak: A leak can seem like a small problem at first, but it can turn into a very expensive issue if you don´t fix it from scratch and on a timely manner. Leaks can be anywhere in your house, from a leaky faucet to broken pipes, an expert will check if your fixtures are installed correctly, once finding the source of your issue, an expert can replace or repair your gaskets, pipes, or any other issue until the leak is gone.

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