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15 May 2019

Warning Signs You Need a Gas Line Repair

sink-with-water-running-down-drainGet Gas Line Repair Right Away

If you need gas line repair, it can be extremely dangerous to your home and family. Natural gas is an odorless substance, so you need to know if there are any leaks occurring other than relying on your nose. Do you need gas line repair? Keep these big warning signs in mind as you move into the future weeks and months so you can identify the issues before the situation escalates, and you have larger problems on your hands.

Warning Sign 1: Health Results

Gas line problems can be minor or major and when you have a gas leak, you could notice physical health symptoms. Since gas doesn’t always smell strong, you will probably experience physical effects before you will notice a scent. They can be dangerous because once they occur, it usually means your exposure to the gas has been going on for a while. If you notice that you are fatigued, nauseous, or dizzy, have your gas line checked out for repair needs.

Warning Sign 2: Environment Changes

You may notice changes in and around your home. It is possible that you will smell the gas or experience a strong difference in the thickness in the air. You may even hear a hissing, which could be gas leaking. Gas lines run outside the home to an outdoor portion of your property and if there is a damaged line outside, you might see damaged landscaping or grass near that area. Any of these environmental signs are cause to call for repairs and inspections by a professional.

Warning Sign 3: Appliance Issues

You may have one or more appliances that run on gas. It the gas is leaking, these appliances may not operate correctly. The heater, for example, could stop working altogether, the water heater will only give you cold showers, and the stoves won’t give you a large enough flame to cook. If your gas appliances aren’t operating correctly, this could very well indicate a gas line issue.

Warning Sign 4: Larger Than Normal Gas Bills

You know what your gas bills normally look like, so if you see a sudden increase in your gas bill without having made any changes in your home life, it could be because of a gas line leak. Larger bills are something to concern yourself over because you certainly don’t want to pay for more than you are actually using. Contact your plumber to have the gas line looked over.

Warning Sign 5: Professional Inspection Advice

It’s always a good idea to have your plumbing and gas lines inspected every year or two. If the plumber says the gas line needs repairs, that is the best warning sign you have that repairs are necessary.

Getting Gas Line Repair

If you suspect or know, you need gas line repair, you must not delay, and call a professional immediately to fix the underlying issue. The health and well-being of your family relies on the safe operation of your gas line. Contact Pacific Coast Plumbing right away if you think there might be a gas line issue around your house.

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