15 December 2018

When Water Heater Repair Is Obvious

dirty-water-coming-out-from-sinkSigns That Water Heater Repair Is What You Need

How much do you know about your water heater? Not every homeowner knows their home inside and out and there are a lot of appliances that all need attention and maintenance. You may not pay much attention to your water heater—until you take that first ice cold shower. How can you tell that you need water heater repair before you get to that point? Here are a few tips to help you keep an eye on things, even if you don’t know that much about the appliance itself.

Age Says A Lot

There are some things that last a varied amount of time and that’s true with water heater as well. However, water heaters generally need to be replaced every 6-12 years. If you’ve lived in the house for 12 years or more and you’ve never replaced the water heater, the time is coming. You can be proactive about it and replace it based on age alone, or you can wait until something goes wrong and hope that it happens at a convenient time—if there is such a thing.

Lukewarm Water

Before your shower turns icy cold, you might see signs that the water heater repair is needed through lukewarm showers. The water is warm, just not hot and it never gets hot no matter how high you turn the knob in that direction. If the water heater is older, it might need to be replaced. Otherwise, you might just need water heater repair to take care of the issue before it gets worse.

Water Is Rusty In Color

Water is supposed to be clear and if you’re seeing rusty colors in your water, the water heater is likely corroding and needs to be replaced. The rust from the water heater will get into the water eventually and turn it to a different color. Corrosion can take place in pipes and even from public water supply systems so you’ll want to know where the corrosion originates. Test the idea by turning on the cold water. If the water is still coming out rusty, it’s not the water heater. If it’s clear and only turns color when you crank up the heat, you need water heater repair or even perhaps a replacement.

Water Heater Leaks

You don’t have to know anything about a water heater to understand that leaks aren’t good. Simply check out the unit every now and then to ensure there isn’t any water pooling around it. If there is, that’s one huge sign that you need to get the water heater replaced. You can’t usually fix water heaters with leaks in the tank, but a professional can tell you for sure either way.

Get The Water Heater Repair Done Fast

If you think your water heater is on its way out, have a plumber from Pacific Coast Plumbing come by and do an inspection. That way, you know one way or the other whether you need water heater repair, replacement, or something else. Your water heater is important when you need it and keeping an eye on it can help avoid bigger complications later.

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